Představení společnosti

Od roku 2006 provozujeme zařízení ke zpracování odpadů . Orientujeme se především na zpracování PUR odpadů a PE a PP mikrovlákna a ve svém oboru patříme mezi středoevropsky významné společnosti.



With effect from 1. February 2O22, I hereby appoint Mr.


Mr. Petr Krejbich


Management Representative for the Quality Management System


at RPW S.R.O., Nádražní 18, 471 24 Mimoň


I appoint you responsible for:

- Establishing, maintaining and applying the processes and requirements of the quality

management system according to eSru EN ISO 9001:2016 (hereinafter QMS)

- lmplementation of the Quality Policy

- Carrying out inspections and further development of the quality management system

- Presenting the contents of the QMS documentation to stakeholders

- Evaluating the effectiveness of the QMS

- Preparation of input information and report for QMS management review

- Defining, recording and resolving QMS related issues and providing a grievance mechanism

through which all stakeholders can raise complaints and seek resolution by RPW Ltd.

- Organising training on QMS assurance

- Promoting company-wide awareness of the importance of customer requirements and reporting

to management on the achievement of QMS performance and the need for improvement

- Social and environmental sustainability and compliance with all legislative and internal regulations


ln Mimoni ont.2.2O22


Petr Krejbich

Managing Director


Contracts are in place with each supplier to address this



We have our own substation on site with compensation and

regulation from January 2022.


Provided according to clause 9.2 of ISO 9001 :2015, according

to certification, according to quality manual and system



Regular OHS and fire protection training sessions are held

annually and are co-inspected as part of the ISO 9001



Principles relating to working conditions and human rights are

addressed in the Work Rules, the Company Policy and the

Gode of Conduct


GSR/sustainability requirements are secured contractually

and audited during ISO 9001 certification.


Code of Gonduct'training takes place once a year as part of

ISO 9001 certification.


Human rights training takes place once a year as part of ISO

9001 certification.


Our company is a waste treatment facility by virtue of a permit

and we have drawn up the Rules of Procedure for this activity.




ln Mimon on 1.2.2022


Kontakt :

Petr Krejbich

mobil: +420 602 390 584

e-mail: rpw@rpw.cz

adresa: Nádražní 18, Mimoň